50 Miles Trail running training plan – Beginner

6090 incl. vAT

A dedicated 50 Miles running training plan, tailored for the unique demands of the beginner trail runner, written by experienced trail running Coaches from Arduua.

Skill / Level: Beginner

Weeks: 24-48

Workouts / week: 7-9

Hours / week: 6-7

Workouts included: Running, Strength, Mobility, Stretch

Adaption of plan duration and race date: NOT Included

Individualization of plan: NOT included.

Personal Coaching: NOT included.


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Plan Description

A dedicated 50 Miles trail running  training plan, tailored for the unique demands of the beginner trail runner, written by experienced trail running Coaches from Arduua.

Best for athletes who are new to this event and looking for entry level training. Your goal might be to make it across the finish line.

The training plan includes all workouts necessarily to prepare for this race (running, strength, mobility stretch etc.), and all sessions will be added to your Trainingpeaks account.

All running sessions are based on time spent (rather than distance), and how hard it is for you (measured by heart rate).

All strength, mobility and stretch sessions, have a description and a link to a video.


Requires a training watch compatible to Trainingpeaks >> app and an external chest band for pulse measurements.

Wrist hr measurements are not accurate enough for following this plan.

How it is built

The training plan is based on Arduua training methodology, and its built up by different phases of trainings.

General Training Phase, Base Period

  • General improvement of physical condition.
  • Work on general running weaknesses (In mobility and strength).
  • Body composition adaptions/improvements (training and nutrition).
  • General base strength.
  • Training of foot ankle structures.

General Training Phase, Specific Period 

  • Training of thresholds (aerobic/anaerobic).
  • Training of VO2 max.
  • Max strength lower body, CORE, and running specifics.

Competitive Phase, Pre-Competitive 

  • Training competition intensity and pacing.
  • Training other competition details (terrain, nutrition, equipment).
  • Holding strength levels and plyometrics.

Competitive Phase, Tapering + Competition

  • Adjust volume and intensity during tapering.
  • Reach race day with peak of fitness, motivation, full energy, levels and wellness state.
  • Nutrition guidelines, pre and during race.

How it works

You buy the plan here in the webshop, and you will recieve an e-mail from us with further instructions.

The first thing you need to do is to install and Synk your Trainingpeaks app, and add fernando.armisen@arduua.com (Arduua Head Coach) as your coach.

After that you have added fernando.armisen@arduua.com as your coach, it will take a couple of days for us to add your plan into your Trainingpeaks account.

Additional Services

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching is NOT included in this plan, and if you are looking for that kind of service, we recommend you to sign up for one of our Coaching Services >> instead.

Video Meeting with a Coach

Video meeting is not included in this plan, but it is always possible to buy and book a Video Meeting with a Coach >> as an extra service, if you fell like you need to speak to a coach.


For any questions please contact katinka.nyberg@arduua.com.