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Why we train differently
for Skyrunning

Why we train differently for Skyrunning

Skyrunning and trail running are very different to road running. They require a specific approach to training to be able to overcome the physical, technical and mental elements involved, but they also let you venture into stunning landscapes and experience the adrenaline highs of summit views, rocky ridges and fast descents.


The physical demands of long, steep ascents and descents require training that focuses on the body’s ability to withstand these stresses over long distances.

  • Base strength: you want to reach the finish line, right? You will need this.
  • Eccentric force: specific training to prepare muscles and joints for downhill running.
  • Endurance: long distances require you to be able to run in a low pulse zone to conserve energy.


The technical terrain, and often adverse weather, presents a real danger, requiring a level of skill, dexterity and mobility that is not found in any other form of running.

  • Plyometrics: explosive training that sharpens your reactions.
  • Mobility & Flexibility: prepares your body for covering tough, technical sections.
  • Speed drills: move and act quicker over rough ground.


The physical and technical factors of skyrunning require a strong mentality and concentration to keep focus and perform to achieve your goal.

  • Discipline: a disciplined approach to training will build a disciplined mindset.
  • Motivation: focus on your goal to stay motivated.
  • Survival: it can be dangerous out there, you need to stay alert even when fatigued.

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Why we train differently for Skyrunning

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