Freedom is trust in your own courage

She is girl from Serbia who loves skyrunning, loves ultra trail races and enjoys them. Discipline is her second name, mountains are her motivation. And beer after the race! 🙂 Ivana is 34 years old, she works as a psychologist in educating young people and she always manages to enjoy the mountains and train. She... Continue Reading →

Anything is possible if you are fit enough

She is a fulltime working mother of three kids, training almost every day, enjoying life in the mountains. How does she do it? Hanja is a 45-year old mountain runner from South Africa that loves sports, and also loves to try new things. Just a few years ago she started to challenge herself, pushing harder,... Continue Reading →

He found a new lifestyle in Skyrunning

One day he woke up with some 92 kilos of weight, having problems to breath, he saw some crazy people running uphill in front of his house. This new idea started to grow... Michal is a 39-year old entrepreneur from Slovakia with a passion for running, especially in mountain environment. Like for many other hard-working... Continue Reading →

From broken neck to first mountain race

About one year ago, he suffered a serious scoter accident and broke his neck very bad. After six months of inactivity he decided to start training, and now he is heading for his first mountain race. Fredrik is a 48-year old "110% type of guy" from Sweden with a passion for entrepreneurship and technology. Fredrik... Continue Reading →

Serbian Skyrunner Wisdom

He loves everything about sports and nature, and his true motivation now days is to inspire young people to train and race in mountain environment. Zoran is a 60-year-old very strong, fast and experienced mountain-runner from Serbia, Novi Sad. Mountain running has always played an important part of his life, and now when he's in... Continue Reading →

We can all be winners

Only one runner can cross the finish line as number one, but we all can be winners. The ones that follows their dreams, finishing what they started, and who never ever gives up. They are all winners... Blog by Rok Bratina, Skyrunner from Slovenia Imagine that you are located in a boxing ring, lying on... Continue Reading →

Step by step

The abnormal becomes normal and more and more people want to do more and more extreme challenges. This is a trend that we have seen in our society for a while now, and it is not very uncommon that people in their 40: ties start with extreme challenges such as Mountain marathons, Thriatlons and Ironmans... Continue Reading →

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