Madeira Skyrunning Adventures

In the beginning of June I went on this fantastic trip together with Trailrun Adventures & Retreats founded by Anna Frost and Ron Braselton. As a mountain lover, new-born Skyrunner, sports freak and outdoor lover. This was a trip in my taste. In only one week I’ve been doing all these things as I have... Continue Reading →

Santana Skyrace 2019 race experience

The Santana Skyrace arranged by Ultra Skyrunning Madeira was a great skyrunning experience and a race to remember. The outstanding mountainous sceneries of the village of Santana, the steep climbs and the technical descents was really something. The race cource This competition has as main stage a mountainous ground surrounded by magnificent sceneries which will... Continue Reading →

The SkyRunner Challenge 2019

The SkyRunner Challenge 2019 is a fun online challenge for amateur SkyRunners all over the world that like to have some extra boost in their daily running. The challenge takes place from 1 of April 2019 to 31 of October 2019 online, and covers all three Skyrunning disciplines: SKY, ULTRA and VERTICAL. You can choose... Continue Reading →

High Coast Trail 43 km, Sweden

The High Coast Trail Sweden is a beautiful and challanging trail running marathon where you run through the absolute highlights of the World Heritage High Coast. Here runners, joggers and fast-riders gather together to experience the unique nature and the beautiful community. In 2016 the High Coast was voted to Sweden's most beautiful scenery and... Continue Reading →

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